In which Lyssa avoids making a discovery

When Lyssa and Diana returned to the office, Lyssa was feeling better than she had in days. Her heart leapt when she saw Marty at his desk, but all she did was nod at him in a business-like fashion. Diana winked at her and gave her arm a squeeze before she went to her side of the office.

The phone rang, and Harry answered it.

"Cutting Edges, this is Harry Earmes. May I help you?"

"Hi, this is Hannah. Can I speak to my mom?"

"She just walked in. Lyssa, it's for you. Hannah."

The difference a day makes can be phenomenal at times; if Lyssa had been the type to get dizzy, the 180 degree turn would have sent her floundering. She went over to her desk and picked up the receiver. "Hannah! Where have you been hiding? I've been trying to reach you for weeks."

"I've been around," Hannah said.

"But not answering your phone."

"I've been out."

"Out and around? With your boyfriend?" Lyssa asked casually.

"Oh, I broke up with him," Hannah replied, just as casually. Her mother's voice sounded strangely buoyant, and the brief temptation to confide fled once again. Every time Hannah felt like talking with someone, the incident with Jesse stuck in her throat and she couldn't get it out.

"Oh," Lyssa said. "I'm sorry."

"No you're not, Mom. You were right."

The reproof in Hannah's voice made Lyssa wince, lessening her euphoria by several degrees. "Is there something I can do?" she asked.

"You can lend me the car for the weekend."

"What's up?"

"I was thinking of going down to Eugene to visit Kate." Actually, she hadn't been; it had only just occurred to her. Hannah had to do something, and if she still couldn't confess what was bugging her to her mother, then maybe she could confess to her old friend Kate and get away from Portland at the same time. She was beginning to feel like she needed it.

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