The last straw









Once Upon a Time, not too long ago, on the outskirts of a relatively big West Coast city, a girl, a teenage girl, not yet out of high school, was walking along a rural road on her way home from visiting a friend, when two guys pulled up and offered her a ride. Being a well-trained American teenager, she refused, but there was no traffic along the rural road, and her refusal was not accepted. The guys, who were not much older than she was, pulled her into the car, had their trite and traditional and not too original way with her, managing to strangle her in the process, and when they were done, they hid her a few yards from a forest path. (This was a city still surrounded by forests.) Even though she wasn't far from the road or the path, it took the authorities a while to find the girl. They probably wouldn't have found the guys at all if one of them hadn't gotten a bad case of conscience and been so tortured by nightmares that he finally turned himself in.