Containing a revelation and a reconciliation.


"Don't you have that article done yet?" Lyssa bitched at Marty in the tone of a true boss. Diana looked up from one of the communal computers at her, still surprised, but less than she might have been. This had been going on for weeks. And it wasn't the Challenger, tragic as it had been, that was making Lyssa grumpy. When the Challenger exploded, the paradigm of an era exploded with it, but the myths of that particular era were not shared by Lyssa. She was an environmentalist, not an expansionist. She was not one of the members of the me-first generation who didn't believe in paying up front and were about to dump their debts on a country already wheezing under the strain. S&Ls were on the brink of failure and unemployment was on the rise. Obviously, everything did not turn out alright just because you wanted it to.

The future looked bleak, but that was not the reason Lyssa was snapping. For the most part, Diana and Roxana were spared the harsh words--it was Marty and Harry who had to bear the brunt of Lyssa's bad mood.

"I'm not superman, you know," Marty said, shrugging. "And it's not like we have a deadline tomorrow. We just had one last week, after all."

Roxana came up and threw a manila envelope of prints on Lyssa's desk. "My, but the atmosphere is certainly cozy," she said. "And I think I've had about enough of it for one day."

"Don't look at me," Marty said, palms out at chest level as if to ward off the accusation. "I'm innocent. Or if I did something, she won't tell me what."

Roxana nodded and looked at Lyssa, who looked guilty. After Marty went back to his desk, Roxana said under her breath, "If you two don't get things worked out soon, this magazine is going to suffer."

Lyssa closed her eyes briefly. "I didn't realize I was taking it out on everyone else."

"And how," Roxana said. "I'm just glad I'm not in the office all the time."

"I guess you're right. I've got to get things cleared up." Lyssa glanced over at Marty at the other computer and gave a slight smile. "Maybe I should have listened to common sense: romance in the work place doesn't work."

"Oh, the romance worked just fine--it's broken romance in the work place that doesn't work."