Containing several reversals of position, traditional or otherwise.

Adam was lying contentedly beneath Lilith with his hands behind his head while she concentrated on counting his chest hairs.

"Oh, damn, I keep losing count!" Lily announced from above, giggling.

"Don't you think it's a rather useless project anyway?" Adam inquired.

"Do we always have to be practical?" Lily asked back.

"You certainly aren't," Adam said, removing one comfortable hand from behind his head to brush away the curly blond locks from the forehead above him.

"If you wouldn't distract me, I could be done in no time, since you don't have that many hairs to count."

"I didn't distract you," Adam protested.

"Oh, yes you did," Lily said, "even if you didn't do it on purpose." To prove her point, Lily moved her hips suggestively and got the same reaction out of him again.

"You little witch," Adam said, grabbing her and taking her by surprise. In the ensuing struggle, accompanied by Lily's kooky laugh, Adam finally managed to end up on top and pin her down with his weight, holding her wrists at either side of her head so she couldn't tickle him.

"That wasn't fair!" Lily protested. "If you'd fight fair, I could get you down any time!"

"As a teacher of self-defense, you should be able to hold your own even in situations that aren't fair, don't you think?"

"But that's different! You wouldn't be of any use to me anymore if I didn't fight fair with you!"

"You certainly are blunt, aren't you?" Adam complained. "Haven't you heard that all's fair in love and war?"

"I'm not too sure about that," Lily replied, scooting around on the bed to get comfortable as Adam eased up on his weight a bit.

"Neither am I," Adam agreed, kissing the tip of the ski-jump lightly.

"But what are you doing up there, anyway?" Lily asked. "I thought you liked it better on the bottom."

"Variety is the spice of life, they say."

Lily felt an unmistakable increase in pressure, letting her know without a doubt what kind of variety he had in mind. "You can spice up my life that way again another time," Lily said, freeing her hands. "Right now I'm hungry, and I'd rather have some waffles."

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